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Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller (Guest Review by Alejandro Gaviria)

This book by Jason Segel, and Kirsten Miller; was about a sci-fi, dystopian society in the not so far future. You might recognize Segel from the show “Freaks and Geeks” or “How I Met Your Mother”. This book has two authors and it is barely distinguishable about when they switch off and to whose writing you are reading at what part in the book. Otherworld is a very  fast paced book that has its setting in new jersey supposedly in the future but it could be even a few years from now. You start off meeting our main protagonist Simon who is a rich teenage boy who loves to go into the VR world of Otherworld. He has a crush and best friend named Kat who is the same age as him, but she has been ignoring him for no reason. Then eventually Kat gets in a terrible accident and is left in a vegetable state. That is when the developers of Otherworld shut down the game and start up a new game Otherworld 2.0. This was a Beta that they started and would use people who were in vegetable states so they could live life in the virtual world. Kat was one of these candidates, where evidently everything goes wrong. Simon could hear Kat screaming and tried to go into Otherworld to save her. While in there the longer you stay the more blurry the line of virtual compared to reality really gets. Their ethics begin to get questioned because after all it's just a game. I recommend this book to any reader of the genre especially if you liked books like Ready Player One. This book is a fun read and with a great topic. I personally liked it because of how the settings begin to change and how he wants to stay longer knowing it is changing his reality as he knows it. My opinion also though is that there should have been more character development. Also though on the other hand Simon was a great character to see through his perspective because he was not bold and heroic besides being kind of the opposite. I liked the book Otherworld by Jason Segel, and Kirsten Miller.

Written by Alejandro Gaviria

Katherine Coe