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The Sun is Also a Star


This is the second novel written by Nicola Yoon. Her first was the award winning Everything, Everything. A story about a girl literally allergic to the world, and the boy who introduced her to it. (More about that book later!)

The Sun is Also a Star is written from the perspective of both Natasha and Daniel, high school seniors and children of immigrants, but Natasha and her parents are in America illegally, and today is the day they are being deported back to Jamaica. A big day for her family, but she is desperately trying to find a way to stay. She has been working hard, and as a senior she has big college plans, and a future she has been building for years. 

For Daniel it is also an important day, he is the second son to a Korean family, and his older brother goes to "best school" Harvard. Today is his alumni interview for "second best school" Yale. Unsure about his path, Daniel reaches out to the universe, and is given the opportunity to meet Natasha. While Daniel is quick to say it's true love, Natasha is a woman of science, and she isn't so easily convinced. So they take on an experiement that will determine if they are in love through scientific inquiry and questions that encourage affection.  But both Daniel and Natasha have secrets and responsibilities that can't be ignored in the face of the importance of the day, it couldn't possibly go as planned. Who plans to fall in love in one day? 


The beauty of this book is found in the connections between each and every character you meet. Every person has a story, and each persons decisions effect those around them.  


Happy Reading!  

Mrs. Coe

Katherine Coe