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The Name of the Wind


Written by Patrick Rothfuss this series is soon to be adapted to the screen thanks to the multi talented Lin Manuel Miranda! I had been told in the past that anyone who loves Harry Potter and wishes there was something that could fill their magic loving hearts, that they should give this series a try, but it hadn't occurred to me until I heard it was going to be turned into part TV show/part movie.  


This series follows Kvothe, a young boy who lives on the road with his parents and the traveling entertaining troupe he is apart of. We know that Kvothe is going to become one of the most powerful magicians this world has ever seen, and you get to follow his journey, through magic, danger, tragedy and triumph as he makes his way to the University.  The best place to learn magic in the land. Here he makes friends and enemies, meets the love of his life, and puts more than one persons life in danger. Through this first person narrative we are thrust into a land of magic like no other. Where monsters and man fight for power, and every story holds both truth and myth.  

If you are a lover of fantasy, and you prefer to read the book before the movie, get a move on, this book has been waiting for you!  

Happy Reading,  

Mrs. Coe


Katherine Coe